Sunday, March 16, 2008

24 Hour comic link

What?? No drawings? Of course there are, they're just here:

Harry Hotdog in the Land of Linguine

This is a link to a 24-hour comic I did last October. You draw one page per hour for 24 hours straight. Its a great experience, but you will end up very tired and groggy by the end. I had to take a nap partway through. I was tired.


Suzanne Marsden said...

Without you, the 24 Hour Comic Jam at my place would've been very sad. Thanks for making it F-U-N!
You only had a couple of short naps, Westin...that doesn't really count.
PLUS you finished in plenty of time anyway!

Westin said...

I'm actually surprised I was able to nap AND finish my comic in time. Maybe its because I napped that I finished in time...oooh! What a conundrum!